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UNICO Systems, UNICO Heating & Cooling Installations, Maintenance, and Emergency Service & Repair

Retrofit & Remodeling, Historic / Landmark homes, Log Homes, New Construction, UniSpot / Light Commercial Applications

The Unico Heating and Cooling Systems are Small Duct Central Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, which are suited for existing homes, retrofit & remodeling projects, historic properties, log homes, new custom home construction, and UniSpot / light commercial applications. This is an HVAC system highly engineered for small size and ultra efficient operation from the return to the supply. The Unico System is designed to fit where other systems cannot, while simultaneously providing superior indoor comfort. This way, Unico customers have the freedom to build any home or building without the worry of "building around" the HVAC system. The Unico product line is made of the highest quality materials, and is proudly assembled in the USA.

Advantages of the UNICO, Small Form Factor, High Velocity Systems

  • UNICO Heating & Cooling Installations, Maintenance, and Emergency Service & RepairInstead of metal ductwork, the UNICO system employs 2" tubing that easily threads through walls.  This flexible tubing requires just 1/10th the space of conventional central air conditioning ducts.
  • Easy, money-saving installation: The UNICO AC and heat systems require no major remodeling.
  • UNICO systems save money not only at installation time but also in the future through lower utility bills.
  • UNICO is ideal for older homes with limited space, steam radiators, or radiant heat.  It is also a great solution for historic properties where architectural integrity must be preserved.
  • The system is also convenient for new homes since it works well with in-floor radiant heat and, due to absence of bulky ductwork,  allows more design and space flexibility.
  • It also works very well in light commercial applications.
  • UNICO air outlets, on the walls, ceilings or floors, can be painted or wallpapered to match any style.
  • UNICO systems provide better humidity control by removing 30% more moisture from the air. They also reduces mold and mildew for healthier indoor air quality. .
  • The UNICO advanced technology ensures super-quiet cooling and heating
  • The system is designed to mix air very thoroughly so that temperatures remain the same from floor to ceiling for a very even comfort.
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An UNICO system consists of the following equipment, parts and accessories:

Unico Air Handler    
Highly engineered to achieve the best performance possible for your home or commercial building, The Unico System is available in four sizes.

Unico Advanced Control Board
The Unico System ACB is the finest and most versatile fan control system on the market.

Unico Electric Furnace   
Unico's Electric Furnace is quiet, efficient and replaces natural gas furnaces - all while providing comfortable, controlled heat throughout your home or building.
Unico UniChiller RC
The revolutionary UniChiller RC outdoor unit provides both hot and cold water for total indoor comfort.

Custom Outlets   
The Unico custom outlets have a smart design and can be matched with any décor in your home.

The Unico System Fiberglass Ductwork, exclusively manufactured by Unico, Inc., is a technologically advanced and safe product.  It is truly a perfect choice when installing the Unico System. 

Our HVAC specialists are ready to help you with Unico installation services in any custom homes, older homes in need of retrofit & remodeling, historic homes, log homes, as well as UniSpot / light commercial applications, such as offices, restaurants, hospitals, inns, retail shops, colleges, churches and other commercial properties. We also offer full services for maintenance and emergency repair of Unico equipment and parts.

If you are an architect, home builder, interior designer or homeowner, contact us today to find out more about the Unico Small Duct Central Heating and Cooling. The flexibility and efficient installation of The Unico System make it a perfect fit and a smart choice for both for new construction applications and remodeling projects.

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