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Mini Split Air Conditioners, Ductless Mitsubishi AC: Install, Replace, Service

Ductless Air Conditioning, Service and Repair

Mini Split Air ConditionersMini-split air conditioners or heat pumps do not require ductwork so are less expensive to install.  Yet they provide all the benefits of central air conditioning.  Furthermore, while distribution losses in conventional air conditioning systems have been estimated as high as 30 percent, distribution losses for ductless systems are between one and five percent.  This translates into significant money savings for the owner.

 Because the refrigerant lines take up much less room than do typical ducts, much less effort is required in a new installation and even more so, in a retrofit.  Ductless mini-split systems combine the flexibility of room air conditioners with the advantages of a whole house cooling central systems. Although some systems provide heating and cooling, ductless mini-split heat pumps are most frequently installed for cooling.


Easy Ductless System Installation – THIS OLD HOUSE


How do mini splits work?
In a conventional heat pump, a single indoor unit and a single outdoor unit serve the entire house. Air is cooled at the evaporator coil and distributed around the house via ductwork. In ductless systems, there is usually only one outdoor unit serving multiple indoor units, each containing a refrigerant coil and blower.  The refrigerant is piped from the outdoor unit through small-diameter insulated refrigerant lines directly to individual rooms. Cooled air is blown into the room by a fan in the individual evaporator units. The term "mini" is used to describe the small indoor units located in each room or zone.


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Ductless Split AC advantages:

  • Reduces energy consumption by one - third compared to regular central air conditioning systems
  • Reach Desired Temperature Faster
  • Higher Indoor Air Quality; No ducts to collect pollutants
  • Easily  adjust Cooling or Heating to much need
  • Easier Zoning Control; Only run units needed and when needed
  • Fresh Air Intake
  • Low cost installation and high quality system
  • Minimize temperature fluctuations
  • R410A refrigerant  environmentally friendly
  • Start up time reduced by one - third compared to regular central air conditioning systems
  • High efficiency up to 21 SEER
  • No duct required
  • Indoor mini split units easily  filter dust, cigarettes smoke, and pollen
  • Very quiet operation
  • Inexpensive to run

Does a Mini Split Air Conditioner work independently of my ducted system?
The Ductless Split AC is designed as a stand-alone system operating separately from your ducted system. This becomes beneficial when you have a room that is always too hot or too cold. These are referred to as hot-spot and cold -spot areas. Your central system may not be taking sufficient care of certain rooms in the house. As an example, a bonus room over a garage will absorb additional heat load in the summer and cold in the winter. Our Mini Split Air Conditioner can be added to these hot-spot rooms to help supplement your existing system. You may also encounter rooms that have larger window glass and be facing in a direction affected more by the sun exposure.

Mitsubishi's Mr.Slim Air Conditioner


Mitsubishi's Mr. Slim can help bring these rooms back to a comfortable level.  Sunroom applications and basements are also perfect examples of how a ductless split AC can operate separately from your central system.

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