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HVAC Efficiency, HVAC Tips

Stay healthy, save money, and help the environment at the same time by becoming an informed HVAC consumer and achieving HVAC efficiency.

HVAC EfficiencyAir Conditioning & Heating Comfort Systems – HVAC Tip
We recommend that you have your air conditioning and heating comfort systems serviced twice annually to maintain peak performance. In the same manner as you maintain your automobile to increase its longevity, striving for HVAC efficiency will pay you back through peak comfort and lower utility bills for years to come!

Do-it-yourself caulking and weather stripping.
Something that most people can do themselves or have a family member help with. Reducing drafts will allow you to turn your thermostat down and augment your overall HVAC efficiency.

Garden Shrubbery and Other Decorative Plants
Be sure to keep garden shrubbery and even excessive garden mulch away from your outdoor air conditioning condensing unit so that air will circulate around the unit to maximize efficiency.

Outdoor AC Equipment
Never cover your outdoor air conditioning condensing unit; it will cause condensation and rusting to the outdoor unit.

More HVAC Tips: Air Filters
Warm air (ducted) heating and cooling systems with disposable air filters should be maintained on a monthly basis. A blocked filter will cause excessive energy consumption, obstruct air flow resulting in discomfort or severely reduced air flow and system failure. Likewise, a clean filter can save significantly on energy consumption. Create an easy to remember schedule of changing your filter and stick to it! Be sure your system is turned off first!


Energy Savings – Upgrade Your Thermostats If Current Ones Have no Timers
Raising the temperature setting (during summer months) or lowering the temperature setting (during winter months) in your home during peak weather by 1 degree will save energy consumption by approximately 8%. Consider a digital set -back thermostat during unoccupied hours. During air conditioning season, raise the temperature slightly after midnight and automatically lowering it prior to your every-day wake up time.  During heating season, lower the temperature slightly after midnight and automatically raising it prior to your every-day wake up time.  Your home or office HVAC efficiency will increase significantly and savings will add up continuously throughout the year.

Consider Converting to Gas Heat for higher HVAC Efficiency and Reliability
With ever-rising oil costs and dependency, the time to convert to clean, reliable gas-fired equipment is NOW!

HVAC Tips on Health - Healthy Heating Systems
Get your heating system tuned up and maintained professionally at least once a year, just like an automobile, it will run best, save you money, and assure safety,  when regularly maintained.

Old Glass and Windows
Single pane and even some older double pane windows will lose a lot of energy. Try new vinyl replacement windows or combination storm window units. You'll save a bundle in the long run and increase your homes value.

When not in use make sure the damper is completely closed, and if available close the front enclosure.

Filtration Cartridges
Filter system replacement cartridges should be changed on a quarterly basis.

Add an Attic Exhaust Fan to Your HVAC Efficiency Strategy.
Having a whole house or attic exhaust fan on a thermostat installed makes a huge difference in your homes temperature.


Minimize the Risk of Flooding
Show everyone in your family the location of the main shut off valve to your home as well as emergency shut-off valves for separate fixtures, particularly toilets, kitchen sinks and bathroom basins.

Washing Machine Hoses
Inspect your washing machine hoses regularly. Consider replacing them with heavy duty braided metal hoses. Rubber hoses have an average life span of five (5) years. Water damage from these burst hoses can be very extensive.

Sump Pumps & Back Up Systems
Check your sump pumps and back up systems prior to rainy seasons to ensure optimum performance and avoid mechanical failure.

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