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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting & Tuning: Bergen, Morris, Essex, Passaic

Air conditioner Check-up

2017 Angie List Super Service Award 200wThe Air conditioner check up saves money in two distinct ways. First, the AC check-up ensures   that your AC unit is working with optimal efficiency and, as a result, you save money through lower energy bills. Second, the air conditioning troubleshooting wards off minor problems and by correcting these problems before they become major, you save on major repair bills.

Why and when one should call us for you air conditioner checkup? 

Generally spring is considered as the perfect time for AC trouble shooting and tuning.  Many of our customers save money by taking advantage of our annual service agreements. This guarantees them a smooth, efficient operation of their HVAC systems, significantly reduced repair bills, and a longer useful life for their cooling equipment. These savings more than pay for the investment they make in the HVAC service agreement.

Air Conditioner Check Up

Call us for an inexpensive air conditioning check by a certified air conditioning contractor. We will perform a thorough AC system check covering, as needed,  all the following operations:

  • Clean / wash evaporator and condenser coils. Unclean and polluted parts reduce energy efficiency and cooling capacity of the unit.
  • Change the motor oil if necessary..
  • Check and clean filters, and replace them if they are of disposable kind. Reusable filters should be vacuumed whenever they are polluted. Wash and dry them before installing. Replace any broken gaskets.
  • Clean electronic air cleaners which removes airborne dust and helps relieve allergies.
  • AC Troubleshooting & TuningCheck contacts
  • Check temperature drop across evaporator coil
  • Check Freon charge for proper pressure. Checking up the refrigerant level and pressure is imperative. Indications of low-level refrigerant may suggest leak and thus need repair immediately. The lower levels can affect the other parts of the appliances. It can even burn the compressor making the repair a costly affair. It also reduces the efficiency of an AC. They can freeze the evaporator coil.
  • Check supply registers & grills for proper air distribution in your home
  • Lubricate the blower unit and the motor bearings.
  • Inspect blower wheel and motor. Check cracks on the belt driven units. The extremely worn out ones has to be replaced.
  • Inspect blower belt and adjust the pulleys and belts. Check cracks on the belt driven units. The worn out ones must be replaced.
  • Inspect cabinet for air leakage
  • Check and adjust thermostats settings.
Talk to a Tech

A well-maintained AC will work at its top efficiency.  For your safety and also to ensure the pick performance of your AC system, avoid cleaning and opening the system on your own. Call us today and save.

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